[ 7 Summit of Indonesia] Mt. Binaiya Adventure Package – Top of Nusa Ina

Mount Binaiya at 3,027  meters above sea level (masl) or also known as the “Peak of Nusa Ina” is one of the highest mountains n Indonesia, it is located on Seram Maluku Island where the tremendous scenery exists. What distinguis Mount Binaiya to particular Java mountains is that the trail to reach Binaiya pass through many villages, which certainly means the lane will be much longer.

Mount Binaiya, which within Manusela National Park, has a unique characteristic due to its towering altitude of 0 meters to 3,027 meters above sea level. At the foot of the mountain, many rivers spans about 6-8meters. Mount Binaiya located in the remote area so that tourist accommondation and facilities are almost nothing except some custom home residents to stay overnight.

Mount Binaiya is one of SEVEN SUMMET INDONESIA and very interesting to visit. We are from Wisata Gunung Indonesia ready to accompany to to set foot on the top of Mount Binaya with a safety, comfortable, memorable, and full facilities.


Want to go here by a safe, comfortable and memorable service?

Sungai di Jalur Selatan

River in South Route

Camp Waifuku

Waifuku Camp

Tumbuhan Endemik Pakis

Fenrs – Maluku Flora


Puncak Binaiya

Binaiya Peak

Puncak Binaiya

Binaiya Peak

Create your own group! Then we will provide the exclusive trip with the concept of Wisata Gunung Indonesia.


We provide the best service and quality such as:

  1. Full facilities
  2. Accompanied by a friendly professional guide
  3. Quality-assured facilities
  4. Tasty and nutritious meals
  5. Safety, memorable, and pleasant activities
  6. Provide education regarding climbing world
  7. We are the people who are experienced in the field of mountaineering and tourism.

To reserve an exclusive tour package to Mount Binaiya,

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Ternyata ga cuma bisa guide’in nggunung doang mas Ase jg bisa guide’in mantai.. terimakasih udah bkin trip singkat kita menyenangkan, asik, seru, dan cetar badai membahana, apalagi pas loncat jembatan cinta itu sesuatu bgt + unforgettable moment..
thank u mas Ase udah jd guide yg baik + sabar guide’in 9 wanita calon apoteker.. 😀
Alvita Widyastuti, Pulau Tidung Februari 2012

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  1. mantap nih, saya juga pengen join nih kalo ada rezeki

    kholis 23 Februari 2016 at 1:24 pm Balas
    • Hayukss bro,join,bisa dicicil beberapa x kok

      ASe 23 Februari 2016 at 2:10 pm Balas

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