Mt. Tambora Adventure Package – The Largest Crater Indonesia

Mount Tambora with a height of 2,851 meters above the sea level is able to captive the cilmbers with a very unique natura charm. The width of Mount Tambora’s Crater is about 7 kilometers, with a circumferential length of 16 kilometers, and the depth of the crater from the top to the bottom’s 800 meters. These sum up why The Mount Tambora’s crater becomes “The Greater Crater in Indonesia” as a result of themost powerful eruption the world known for “The Largest Volcanic Eruption in History”. Besides the beauty of Mount Tambora, there also liesa vast desert along the lip of crater that’s overgrown by dwarf Edelweiss flowers. Another beauty is the layered rocks on top and flat like a table, making an amazing natural phenomenon. There are also layers of rocks along the creater’s cliff. Visitors also can not miss the view seen from the peak of Mount Tambora, with the views of creaters, seas, Satonda Island, and the beautiful vast desert. Mount Tambora is one of the beautiful mountains in Indonesia, of course, with amazing naturan phenomenon.


Want to visit this place?

Tugu Tambora

 Tambora Monument

Desa Pancasila

 Pancasila Village

Alam Gunung Tambora

Mount Tambora

Bibir Kawah

Mount Tambora’s Crater

Puncak Tambora

 Tambora Peak

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awalnya gw ragu sama agent travel, takut ditipu bro… tapi, pas tau” jadwal yang harusnya berangkat jam 15:15 eh gw disuruh brangkat jam 05:00 kecewa banget awalnya, tapi stlah mndapat pnjelasan dr guide WG, akhirnya gw jalanin aja, banyak banget pengalaman yg udah dilewatin kmaren, mulai dr brangkt, di rakum, kalimati,jalan menuju puncak, the best bgt dah buat tim WG yg ngejamin kslamatan psertanya, buat widi, dimas, irwan yang nemenin qt disana makasi banyak yak, buat yg bantuin masak nasi, goreng ikan asin, sama MIE PERSAHABATAN yg gak sia” gw bawa habis juga ternyata 😀 buat lo smua yg mau ikut trip gw saranin WG itu recomended BANGET…   abdul fateh<>
Abdul Fateh, Semeru Edisi Lebaran 2014

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