[ 7 Summit of Indonesia] Mt. Rinjani Adventure Package – Top of Nusa Tenggara

Mount Rinjani offers adventures for nature lovers with a breathtaking scenery, beautiful waterfalls, rainforests, wildlife, hot springs, hot spring cave that believed to cure various diseases, the scening beauty of the lake, and of course, the volcano mountain.

Mount Rinjani is considered by residents in Lombok and Bali as a sacred (holy) place, it is believed that God inhabits the top of Rinjani. Therefore, the trip to Rinjani is far more importan that the hike itself, considered as a pilgrimage to God and all His powers.

We are Adveture Organize who frequently organized trip to Rinjani. We have experienced guides to the mountains of Java, Bali, and NTB. We prioritizes comfort and safety of our clients and all we want is that out clients get an unforgettable experience in Lombok during our time together.


Wanna go here comfortably?

Plawangan Sembalun

Sembalun Crater

Puncak Rinjani

Rinjani Peak

Danau Segara Anak

Segara Anak Lake

Danau Segara Anak

Segara Anak Lake

Plawangan Senaru

Senaru Crater

Create your own group! Then we will provide the exclusive trip with the concept of Wisata Gunung Indonesia.


We provide the best service and quality such as:

  1. Full facilities
  2. Accompanied by a friendly professional guide
  3. Quality-assured facilities
  4. Tasty and nutritious meals
  5. Safety, memorable, and pleasant activities
  6. Provide education regarding climbing worl
  7. We are the people who are experienced in the field of mountaineering and tourism.

To reserve an exclusive tour package to Mount Rinjani,

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Ase Membuat keputusan yang tepat di setiap pendakian yang dia lakukan, Seperti di merbabu nginep 1 malam lagi karena ada yang drop dan memilih turun kembali melalui jalur wekas daripada lintas jalur ke selo karena ada yang drop.

Saat di Gn. Slamet, camp terpaksa dilakukan di Pos 1 karena kemalaman dan kondisi tim tidak memungkinkan untuk lanjut, keputusan yang bgs dari ASe

Budi Harsana TP, Merbabu + Merapi + Slamet, Februari - Maret 2013

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