Mt. Papandayan Adventure Package – The Beautiful Mountain

One of tourist attractions that’s worth visiting in Kabupaten Garut is Papandayan Crater located 28 KM southwest of Garut City. The volcano mountain is still active. The first record erupted in August 1772, at that time the mountain spewed a bathub amount of material a few kilometers into the air and killed more than 3,000 people and hoard 40 villages around the volcano. The volcano is 2,665 meters height above sea level. Tracing Papandayan crater is a very extraordinary experience. Mas Crater is one of the crater in the middle of the dome with a width of approximately 150 meters. The crater rumbles like a Jet engine, it takes about 20 minutes walk to reach to mid crater from parking area. Papandayan crater consists of 14 crater, each crater fumes differently, some are white, some are gold.

From the top of the volcano, we can see the beautiful scenery like sulfur smoke coming out of the mouth of the crater. The air temperature around the crater is hot enough, so for visitors who like to go there, it’s suggested to wear hat and sunscreen. The beauty of Papandayan Crater can be enjoyed from nearby as well as the beauty of Eidelweiss flowe beds (Anaphalis javanica) with the natural coor atmosphere of the mountains. Some people believe that the water around the crater effectively heals skin diseases.


Would like to visit these places with complete facilities?

Basecamp Papandayan

 Papandayan Basecamp

Hutan Mati

Death Forest

Kawah Papandayan

Mount Papandayan’s Crater

Tegal Alun

Tegal Alun Park

Tegal Panjang

Tegal Panjang Park

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Rinjani, gunung yg sudah lama ingin aku datangi…bersama temenku , kami akhirnya memutuskan utk ikut wisata gunung..sungguh keputusan yg tepat, join dengan wisata gunung…disaat puncak keliatan seperti dekat, tp kaki tak mampu melangkah dan tenaga sudah habis..bang widi berusaha membantu kami dengan tali..mengupayakan kami utk bisa sampe ke puncak gunung…sungguh upaya yg luar biasa menurutku, mengubah itin agar perjalanan lebih mudah dan cepat. Temen2 wisata gunung yg asyik 2,gokil dan senantiasa membantu membuat trip ini tambah asyik n berkesan.. Sungguh luar biasa bisa ikut trip ini bersama dengan kalian..Thanks a lot all.. Rinjani aug 2014, Novita Tan Novita <>
Tan Novita, Rinjani Agustus 2014

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