Mt. Gede & Mt. Pangrango Adventure Package

Mount Gede is located in Gede Pangrango National Park between three districts namely: Bogor, Cianjur, and Sukabumi with the average temperature at the peak of Mount Gede is 18°c at day and 5°c at night. The main gate to get into this mountain is from Cibodas and Cipanas. There are also other gates in Sukabumi but hikers generally prefer pass through Cibodas or Mount Putri Cipanas. Almost all forest in Mount Gede dominated by sub-alpine forest type, and at an altitude of 2,750 meters above the sea level we can find Javanese Eidelweiss flowers. This mount is very appealing so mostly hikers from surrounding area (JABOTABEK and Bandung) have been very often to Mount Gede. Compared to his brother, Mount Pangrango, Mount Gede has more frequent visitors.

We are Wisata Gunung Indonesia, provide hikking package for you who want to enjoy the beauty of the land above the clouds of Mount Gede and Pangrango.


Would like set your feet in these beautiful places with full facilities?

Edelweis Surya Kencana

Edelweis Surya Kencana

Gunung Pangrango

Mount Pangrango

Kawah Gunung Gede

 Mount Gede’s Crater

Kawah Gunung Gede

Mount Gede’s Crater

Taman Cinta Mandalawangi

 Mandalawangi Park

Create your own group! Then we will provide the exclusive trip with the concept of Wisata Gunung Indonesia.


We provide the best service and quality such as:

  1. Full facilities
  2. Accompanied by a friendly professional guide
  3. Quality-assured facilities
  4. Tasty and nutritious meals
  5. Safety, memorable, and pleasant activities
  6. Provide education regarding climbing world
  7. We are the people who are experienced in the field of mountaineering and tourism.

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“Thank u Ase, nice trip n good service like tent, cooking n your story telling, next time i will call u again for our next adventure with my sisters n my brother”

email :

Elly, Papandayan Februari 2012

4 Responses to Mt. Gede & Mt. Pangrango Adventure Package

  1. Halo Para Petualang
    Mulai sekarang Indonesia Ride Adv Menyediakan angkutan khusus Pendaki dan rafting yang ingin mendaki Gng gede pangranggo dengan Bus Travelo Berkapasitas 12 penumpang dan BerAC dengan tarif sederhana

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    Carter Tidak termasuk Tiket Tol dan makan Pengemudi

    untuk Info Hub
    0817162552-Pin 269775A4

    jack 4 Februari 2015 at 8:38 am Balas
    • Nice Info mas, thx

      ASe 5 Februari 2015 at 5:13 pm Balas
  2. Mau minta info paket trip gn gde pangrango utk family trip 4-8 org brp ya?
    untuk pemula belum ada pengalaman sebelumnya.


    juliagus 16 Januari 2016 at 1:04 am Balas
    • Hallo selamat sore pak Agus,
      untuk harga dan penawaran dapat langsung menghubungi 082122776607 atau email

      Kisaran harga untuk kelas Exclusive antara 1,4jt hinngga 1,9juta per orang.

      ASe 11 Februari 2016 at 5:54 am Balas

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