Tour Package Mount Krakatoa, Indonesia

Krakatoa is a volcanic islands that’s still active and located in the Sunda Strait between Java and Sumatra. This name was ever pinned on a volcanic peak over there, Mount Krakatoa, that were destroyed and perish because of its erruption on 26-27 August 1883. Currently, the Child of Krakatoa becomes one of the popular tourist destination becase of the beauty of the mountain and islands around Krakatoa.

Travelers will be taken to beautiful views of volcanic islands and the land above the clouds that bewitched your eyes.

Besides the Child of Krakatoa Mountain, tourists will be spoiled by the beauty beneath the sea around these volcanic islands such as Sebesi Island. Snorkeling in some beautiful sports can be enjoyed by the tourists.

Intrigued by Krakatau and its surrounding beauty, we are from together with AceTrave could accomodate you needs of Krakatoa travel, by booking a package with us, you would be pampered with facilities that makes you drowned in the serene of natural beauty of Krakatoa.

Exclusive Krakatoa Tour Package 2016

Create your group, specify the date of your journey, and book our Krakatoa Tour Package, friend!

2 Days 1 Night Package

– Ferry Boat (Roundtrip) from Merak to Bakauheni

– Public Transportation from Bakauheni to Canti Pier (Roundtrip)

– Homestay at Sebesi Island (sharing room 10-12 persons per room)

– Permit lisence to enter Child of Krakatoa and Admission Ticket to Nature Reserves

– Exclusive boat during the tour

– Tour guide

– Life Insurance on Ferry boat

– Mineral Watter

– Retribution for Sebesi Island, ship docking, and other retributions in destination

– Sea ranger

Package not included:

  1. Tips for Tour guide
  2. Tips for driver
  3. Snorkeling equipment rental
  4. Other items other than facilities

MEETING POINT: Merak Port, Banten

Price: Rp500,000/person with minimum participats of 25 persons.

Booking Terms:

  1. Reservation is done 10 days prior to the date of activity at the latest by paying the first payment of at least 50% of total payment
  2. Final payment is paid 1 day prior to the date of activity at the latest
  3. Cancelation after the payment will be charged 50% of the total payment

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Awalna sich ragu2 waktu mo ikutan..g yakin apalg ketemu org2 baru..maklum stlh 12 taun br skrg lg bs tracking sm banyak orang lagi..g tauna mlh ktemu org2 yg pd sengklek otakna,,yg pd gila,,yg pd g tau malu,,pokona kegilaan yg prnh ada d masa lalu akirna dapet lg..bnr2 ksmptn yg g mgkn datang 2 kali n ane seneng bs ada d dlm itu smua..makasih temen2 Rinjani OJE..mksh tmn2 Wisata Gunung..good 2 knowing all of u..nice 2 share every moment with each 1 of every person of u..glad 4 all laugh,,spirit,,courage,,ampe bau keringet ama bau jigongna he2..u guys ROCKS..seneng bs mhabiskan waktu sm kalian smua..Barudak Rinjani OJE wajib kudu OJE salawasna..OJEEE Enrich Marcellinus <>  
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