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Wisata Gunung Indonesia is Adventure, Tour, and Travel Organizer who are engaged in the adventure on the mountainespecially mountain in Indonesia. But of course, Wisata Gunung Indonesia also offering other Indonesia’s beautiful tourist destinations, and aiming to go international in the near future.
Wisata Gunung Indonesia created by a man who has hobby and passion on outdoor activities. Established and experienced since year 2011 as Ase Adventure then improved and then transformed into Wisata Gunung Indonesia since the year 2013.

Wisata Gunung Indonesia has skill, knowledge, and a big basic customer in Indonesia. Beside corporation and companies, we also have individual customer, that’s why Wisata Gunung Indonesia known by all societies (peoples).

 We offer adventure packages and give you pleasure by holding the SEM concepts, namely safety, enjoy & memorable. Type of packages that we offer is a package of open trip, exclusive trip and coorporate  tour. Customer can choose their own adventure tour or package that is convenient, secure and enjoyable as needed.

We can also provide the ultimate package for adventure as travel consultancy, training, management training, survival trips and we opened up the opportunity to cooperate with other parties in conducting business activities mainly in the areas of tourism and adventure

Reason Why You Should Go With Wisata Gunung Indonesia

Coorporate Trip Air Asia

Coorporate Trip Air Asia

Recently tour and adventure activities have become  needs  of many people, but not all people can do it by themselves. Wisata Gunung Indonesia comes to help and be a friend of adventuring and travel by offering 5 our advantages, those are:

1.We have a high experiences in the world of travel and adventure, the intensity we held an event almost every week whether it’s mountains, beaches and other tourist destinations.

2.We guarantee security and provide a sense of comfort to our guests during live events.

3.We provide quality facilities that best fit a package to support the activities in the field.

4.We provide excellent service to the participants comfortable so they can enjoy activities with cheerful. Our friendly and humorous  crew also should make some family atmosphere in our activities.

5.We have a good credibility by keeping our customer trust either of the activities implemented and the confidentiality of our customer data.

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